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Bash and Strum Live Acoustic Rock and Pop
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Original acoustic rock and pop at its finest, plus cut down covers of chart hits for every type of party, event and venue.

Bash & Strum are the result of a musical collaboration between Dr. Daz Clement and Dr. Jimmy Davis.

With an eclectic mix of influences from Richie Havens to Pearl Jam, with T-Rex, ELO, Beautiful South, Aztec Camera Fairground Attraction, Counting Crows and a host of others in the mix, the duo’s music is lively, fun and accessible to all generations.

Bash and Strum
QuoteNo one really wants to be pigeon holed and we are no exception, but the reality is that often the first thing we are asked is what style of music do you play? So I suppose when pushed we’d have to say its kind of indie pop/rock. – Darren
Bash and Strum at Lodgefest




Having spent several years as a charity covers band, Bash and Strum have made the transition to writing, composing and regularly performing their own material. Grounded in simplified acoustic rhythmic sets,  using only acoustic guitar, drums and vocals the sound the guys create is deceptively full. In recent months Darren and Jim have been performing new material as well as the songs from their debut album ‘Rendezvous’. The album explores the many-facets of relationships, from parenthood to on-line-dating. The guys say their music is intended to hopefully make the listener “think, feel and or dance!”

Performing both intimate acoustic sets as well as larger staged performances for festivals, parties, private functions and charity events. With a “just for fun” approach, the groove is lively and well….. fun.

Bash and Strums repertoire of covers is diverse and constantly evolving. Sets are always crafted around a clients needs and requirements.

Bash and Strum


Jim (Strum) aka Ginger Geoffrey



Jim aka Ginger Geoffrey aka Strum



Jim is a UK and Staffordshire based songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. Having performed and busked both in the UK and across Europe, Jim plays as a solo artist under the name Ginger Geoffrey.

With an eclectic mix of influences, Jim draws upon the often referenced sources of inspiration such as Robert Johnson through to the less referenced works of bands like Fairground Attraction, Counting Crows and the Beautiful South. A key influence in Jim’s own drive to perform however has to be Richie Havens – a man who felt the urge to perform and the ingenuity not to let the task of formally learning to play the guitar stand in his way.

About song-writing:

Jim’s own song-writing sits within an eclectic mix of genre’s.

Quotation Mark“It’s difficult to actually explain how the songs emerge.  I’ll muck about with a chord progression and the lyrics seem to come from this. The stories seem to just unfold, as a play around with things, its not until I stop, and step back and listen to a composition, am I able to recognise where the influence came from. ‘Rendezvous’ for example was inspired by the life of one of my former students as documented and played out on Facebook.” – Jim

Jims charity sponsorship story:

In 2015 and out of the blue, Jim had two separate PE’s (blood clot’s). On the eve of the new year Jim and his wife Deb were contacted by their local hospital, as part of their ongoing investigation into the PE’s,  a tumour had been found on Jim’s intestines. A biopsy was considered too dangerous but the preliminary diagnoses was an incurable form of cancer, Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour otherwise know and GIST.

Google is a wonderful thing sometimes, but on this occasion the computer said based on current statistics life expectancy was at best 5 years. The stats’ were a blunt analysis and later evidence found was mixed with some GIST patients living longer. What was clear was that nothing was going to be clear cut. Jim later explained:

Quotation Mark“At that time the options were limited, accept the diagnosis, accept the worst-case scenario then live life to the full; or hope that the diagnosis was wrong and and then live in fear that the diagnosis would be confirmed.” – Jim

Jim chose to accept the diagnosis and set out to create and work through his bucket list.

During his on-line searching, Jim also found both a specialist hospital and wonderful support group GIST Support UK. With his care moved to the specialist hospital, the specialist consultants confirmed that a biopsy was too dangerous and agreed that the tumour looked like GIST.

In May 2016 during a 5-hour operation, Jim had the offending tumour remove along with a section of his intestines.

Six weeks later at his first outpatient’s appointment, Jim and Deb were floored with the news that the tumour was in fact a benign fibrous growth and not a GIST. For 7 months Jim and his family lived with a terminal diagnosis. Along the way Jim met patients in various stages of the disease, as well as family and friends supporting loved ones with GIST.

There are currently less than 900 people a year diagnosed with GIST. It’s an underfunded area of cancer research. The prognosis for people with the disease is limited; GIST cannot be treated with Chemo or Radiotherapy. As tumours emerge they must simply be cut out along with associated tissue/ organs they are embedded in or attached too. When tumours can no longer be removed then there are (as of August 2016) three inhibitor drugs, with a collective effectiveness of five years. The latter two drugs have potentially severe side effects, which in the worst case can result in the patient being restricted to a wheel chair. Once the drugs fail, and they do eventually fail, the final stage of support is palliative care.

Quotation Mark“2016 has been a real trip and has left its mark on me. For some years I have been performing in support Prostate Cancer, and while this remains important,  I am deeply drawn to the GIST community.  Profits I receive for performing are donated to GIST Support UK”. – Jim

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JustGiving - GIST Support UK


Ginger Geoffrey



Bash and Strum



Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum


Daz (Bash)


Dr Daz Clement aka Bash

Darren is a Staffordshire based musician, songwriter, artist and creative who loves nothing more than getting behind his drum kit and laying down some grooves that you can get up and dance to. Born in 1970 he is inspired and influenced by a broad range of musical genres from across four decades. Late 80’s and early 90’s grunge music including Soundgarden, Green River, Pearl Jam and Nirvana all feature heavily in his favorite playlists.

Music has always been a big part of his life but losing his brother in tragic circumstances in 1996 spurred him on to grab life by the horns and out of the ashes of tragedy came the musical collaboration with Jim and the birth of Bash and Strum. Since then he hasn’t looked back and gets a real buzz from performing live.

drdc Creative

In addition to playing drums in Bash and Strum Darren runs a small business Drdc Creative where he likes to create original abstract paintings, wall art and hand crafted items for the home.

See Also

Visit Website: DrdcCreative.uk

Follow: DrdcCreative on Facebook

Shop at: DrdcCreative @ Etsy

Daz Clement


Daz Clement Bash and Strum

Bash and Strum playing a 50th Birthday Party




Bash and Strum performing live

Original Music & Cut-Down Covers
In addition to writing, composing and performing their own material, Bash and Strum continue to perform a selection of deconstructed covers reworked for an acoustic context.

Quote “What you end up with is a raw vibe which still maintains the essence and essential energy of the song and represents this as simplistically as I can with the resources to hand. - Jim

The range of covers the guys play are drawn from a variety of genres, bands and artists spanning six + decades. The eclectic mix of songs range from the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, Birdy to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Prince, Primal Scream, Stereophonics and ELO.


An outline repertoire available to downloead here



Sample Acoustic Covers
(Bash & Strum recorded live 2016)

Cover of: David Gray - Babylon

Cover of: U2 - Angle of Harlem

Cover of: Stereophonics - Dakota

Cover of: Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

Cover of: Adele - Someone Like You

Example Covers List

Bash and Strum



Some of Bash and Strum songs
are available from the links
below to the Bash & Strum
Album 'Rendezvous'

Bash and Strum at Amazon Music
Bash and Strum at Google Play
Bash and Strum at iTunes
Bash and Strum at Spotify
Bash and Strum at Sound Cloud
Bash and Strum on Deezer



Booking Information



Bash and Strum playing 80th birthday party

Bash and Strum Playing New Years Party

Bash and Strum @ Garden Party

Bash and Strum @ Private Function

Bash and Strum @ Penkhull Jazz and Blues Festival

Affordable live music for all!
Are you having a house party, birthday, christening, wedding or other type of function, celebration or charitable event?

Bash and Strum offers very affordable shows. From the cozy living room performance to a festival stage, a wide variety of sized parties, functions and events can be catered for.
Booking Fee:
Bash and Strum wants to offer affordable live entertainment especially to those who would normally be priced out of a bespoke live music experience. Consequently bookings start at £190 for a local* double set of approximately 26-30 songs.

An agreed booking fee is inclusive of the performance, set-up and strip down time, public liability insurance, travel and all other out of pocket expenses. Payment is due at the conclusion of the performance.

An invoice for the performance can be issued prior to the performance or presented on the day. Payment will be due at the conclusion of the performance.

Please note cheques are not accepted.

Electronic payment can be taken from the cards listed below, however booking fees are not priced to include electornic transaction charges. The cost of an electronic transaction is only passed on to clients wishing to take advantage of this payment method. Consequently electronic payments are subject to an additional 2% transaction charge.

Electronic payment options

Booking Fee Waiver:
Bash and Strum will consider all circumstances, especially if the event is for a good cause.


* Local bookings are defined as being within 10 miles of Stone, Staffordshire (post code prefix ST15 8**). For bookings further afield please email Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com for a definitive costing.

Contact Information:

email - Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com

tel / txt - (+44) 07941545664

Below is a selection of client and
audience feedback

Rock Rally FM with Ginger Geoffrey. (aka Strum)
To hear the shows interview with and testimonial for, Ginger Geoffrey, listen again here to 'Blokes' Rock Show on Rock Rally FM
(First broadcast 27/08/2018).

"Hey Jim. We're so grateful for your amazing gig and connection with everyone.... You helped make it our 'Extra Best' festival for sure".
End Hunger Festival Event Organiser.

"That was really different, fantastic!"
{Live Jukebox booking} Refuge Charity event Organiser

"Can we book you now to play again next year?"
Stone Festival Organiser

"Thank you so much for a lovely evening of music."
Regards St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

"That was brilliant. What a range of songs and not too loud."
Harry Walklet

"I’d recommend Jimmy [aka Strum]... He was great when he did at night for me at the Potters!"
Dan Maddox - Bar Manager at Marston's Pubs

"I've worked with Ginger Geoffrey [aka Strum] and always found him to be professional and very approachable, he not only does his own music but will do covers with his own fantastic twists, the human jukebox will add something very special to your event."
Bloke - Presenter @ Rock Rally FM

Gig Diary

Bash and Strum

Bash and Strum

Bash and Strum

Up Coming & Past Performances
Below are the booked and planned performances for Bash and Strum. While we endevour to keep the diary up-to-date our focus is not on the website but actually performing, so please contact us via (Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com) to confirm our availability.



Bash and Strum

Bash and Strum

Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum




Video Options:

1) Bash and Strum Rehersals (Original and Covers)
2) Wanna Love You (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
3) Wake Up (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
4) This Heart of Mine (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
5) Gone (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
6) Fever (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
7) Falling (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
8) Rendezvous (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
9) Creep Radiohead cover (performed live @ Music Store Pro)
10) Rendezvous Music Video
11) Bash and Strum @ Lodgefest 2013
12) Listen to the Music Doobie Bro Cover (@ Private Function)
13) Viva Las Vegas Cover (@ Private Function)


Press Kit & Venue Resources

Press Kit
Links to press Information, photographs of Bash and Strum and venue resources:

Complete Press Kit (ZipFile)
(Inc bio & image files)

Artist Statement

Original acoustic rock and pop at its finest, plus cut down covers of chart hits spanning 5+ decades.

Is there a doctor in the house? Bash & Strum are Dr. Daz Clement and Dr. Jimmy Davis. Having started out as a charity covers band, the guys have made the transition to writing, composing and regularly performing their own material.

Drawing upon an eclectic mix of influences from Richie Havens to Pearl Jam, with T-Rex, ELO, The Beautiful South, Counting Crows in the mix, the duo’s music is grounded in simplified acoustic rhythmic sets using just acoustic guitar, drums and vocals, the sound the guys create is deceptively full, lively, fun and accessible to all generations.

Bash and Strum


Venue Resources:
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Bash and Strum


Bash and Strum


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